Three For Me

Hunt Valley Elementary School PTA is continuing our efforts to increase parent involvement through the Three for Me program. Educational research has concluded that when parents are involved students have:

• Higher grades, test scores and graduation rates
• Better school attendance
• Increased motivation, higher level of self-esteem
• Lower rate of suspension
• Decreased us of drugs and alcohol
• Fewer instances of violent behavior

There are challenges that hinder family involvement. One big challenge is time. Other challenges include lack of transportation, language barriers, not feeling welcomed and feelings of inadequacy. Three for Me was created to overcome these and many other obstacles.

What is Three for Me?

Three for Me is a promise from families to their children and their school that they are making a pledge to volunteer three hours of their time (per child) over the course of the school year.  That’s ONLY three hours (per child) for the ENTIRE school year.  Now, of course, if you have the ability to volunteer more than three hours (per child), we welcome you.  This program is optional, but we are asking ALL families to get involved by giving just three hours (per child)!

Through Three for Me, families can contribute to the success of the school regardless of constraints.  They can help meet the needs of the school by giving of their time at the school, in the home, or in the community.  When everyone contributes, a little really does mean a lot. 

How it Works?

Once you reach your minimum three hours (per child) of volunteering at the school, we ask that you complete a Google form located on the PTA website certifying that you have completed your volunteer commitment.  We will mark your achievement by placing a feather on Hamilton on the Three for Me bulletin board located in the main lobby. Our hope is to cover Hamilton entirely with feathers by the end of the year helping him soar high at Hunt Valley.  In addition, at the end of the school year, we will enter your family’s name in a random drawing for one of two Amazon Echo Dots!

Make the Pledge!

If you were a Three for Me participant last year, you will remain enrolled in the program unless you choose to opt out.  (To opt out from the program please send an email to Julie Whitehouse.)  

If you are new to the Three for Me program, simply complete the online pledge form then begin your volunteer challenge!

!!The Hunt Valley PTA Challenges YOU To Volunteer!!


Have you completed volunteer hours?  What do you do now?


If you have completed your pledged volunteer time simply complete the following Three for Me Hours Reporting form.  By completing the form you are certifying that you have completed your three (3) hours of volunteer service and fulfilled your pledge to the Hunt Valley PTA Three for Me program.

To submit your hours click here: Three for Me Hours Reporting Form

Upon completion of this form your name will be submitted for a drawing at the end of the year for one of two Amazon Echo Dots.

Thank you for volunteering your time thru the Three for Me program!!  


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact Julie Whitehouse .  

Volunteer of the Month

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